Keith, Wimbledon Park

“We haven’t ordered a single take away at home in the last 5 months!!!

My wife saw the advert on SW19 Mum’s and showed it to me and 10 minutes later I was booked in! I have always liked Indian food and so the chance to be taught how to make it for myself was too good to pass up. Recipe books are invariably too complicated (you have to make various pastes) and often produce results which are just “ok”. You don’t get to learn the true method of the recipe either and why things are done the way there are. It’s too mechanical.

After the first couple of lessons I couldn’t believe the flavours of the food – as good, if not better than from a restaurant. The course fees are cheaper than if you ordered a take away every week plus you get to learn a life skill. Shermin is so easy to cook with.

Having done the basic and the advanced courses I have arranged extra lessons with Shermin. I find that I cook with a degree of confidence now that I never had before. I can also begin to sense where I have gone wrong if things don’t taste quite right when I cook on my own and I am more understanding of the flavours I am cooking with.”